All our garments are made with premium fabrics handpicked by our excellent team. Our hand-blocked prints may vary in each batch marginally. All the photographs presented on our website are shot to have a close look at the original product and are for representation purposes only. However, the original product delivered may vary from the pictures shown on the website. 

The positioning of our artwork may be varying from the one displayed in the product image. For most of our products, we use ‘all-round print design’. There must be a slight variation in color from the product image visible. Sometimes, the computer monitor and camera cannot match the original color. So, there is a slight difference which can be avoidable. 

Our products are vegetable dyed and hand block printed. So, the print might show small irregularities in the colors and motif which require human interaction in the process and it is also the hallmark of handcrafted items. Keep in mind that the fabric may bleed color or rub dry when it is soaked for the first time on the water as the fabric is dyed using vegetable dyes. 


 Washing Instructions 

  • Use only mild detergent to wash with light hands. 
  • Don’t wash the cotton dress and soak with other garments. 
  • Dry the clothes inside out in shade. 
  • Hand wash is recommended if you dry clean it. 
  • Take care of your clothes so they would look fresh and good for longer. 

 Here are the instructions to make your cotton clothes last longer – 

  • Save water, save lives. Wash your clothes only when it is needed. Air them after each use to keep them fresh for a few times. 
  • All the cotton clothes are either printed by hand or woven on handlooms.
  • Don’t put garments in a dryer or washing machine. Wash them only by hand. 
  • Moderate shrinkage may come out. 

 Keep in mind that some fabrics may leave excess color. Some block-printed clothes and ikats may lead to excess color bleeding. In those cases, be sure to dry clean the clothes by giving them to a reliable dry cleaner. It is recommended to hand wash the clothes properly. 

Here are the further care instructions for your clothes – 

  • Soaking – Fill a bucket of water in half. Put a small amount of mild detergent. Soak the clothes in soapy water for at least five minutes. Don’t soak the clothes any longer. Wash the pre-soaked clothes quickly. 
  • Rinsing – Rub the soiled areas by hand gently. Don’t use a hard brush or solid soap bar. Rinse the clothes in cold water for some time and rinse the detergent properly. 
  • Sorting – Wash the clothes of the same color after sorting them color-wise. 
  • Starching – Dip the washed clothes one last time in a diluted liquid starch solution to get back the crisp shine of the garment. But don’t overdo it. 
  • Ironing – Avoid embroidery, block prints, and other detailing when it comes to iron your clothes. Turn those clothes inside out and iron with light hands.  
  • Drying – Don’t dry the clothes under the sun or the color will fade. So, hang them inside the room or in shade. Hang the garments straight to dry on wooden or plastic hangers that don’t rust. 
  • Storage – Store the clothes in a dry, cool place and avoid sunlight. Keep light-colored and white clothes away from darker ones. Avoid cupboard odors with aromatic sachets. 

 Dry clean the silk and silk blended fabrics. Store them properly in covers with some scented sachets. 

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